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stentra™ immobilization stent
protect healthy tissue


meet stentra™

kallisio introduces a breakthrough in radiation therapy with our 3D-printed, patient-specific immobilization device, designed to shield head and neck patients from radiation harm. Developed in collaboration with MD Anderson, our scalable, reimbursable, and custom-fit solution offers unmatched protection for Organs at Risk (OARs), enabling radoncs to administer the highest effective dose. Our patented, FDA-cleared device is revolutionizing patient care and is available now.


Precision in Treatment

The stentra™ product offers a patient-specific solution, facilitating precise and targeted radiation therapy while minimizing adverse effects.


Innovative Toxicity Management

Kallisio's stentra™ introduces a groundbreaking approach to protecting healthy tissue during radiation therapy, enhancing the overall quality of patient care.


Proven Readiness for Human Use

FDA clearance signifies that the stentra™ device has undergone rigorous testing, demonstrating its readiness for use in human patients. 


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Provide your patients with a

custom 3D printed oral stent in 3 days. 

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